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Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution

Our team is experienced in all areas of dispute resolution, whether through court litigation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) i.e conciliation, mediation and arbitration. Whatever the needs of your dispute, we have the expertise, support and personalities to work with you to achieve successful and commercial results. We do not subscribe to any particular style of dispute resolution and recognize that each dispute is governed by a unique set of variables, conditions, problems and, most importantly, client objectives. Where appropriate we use tools other than litigation and arbitration, such as mediation and expert determination, to resolve disputes in a way that supports our client’s strategy and commercial objectives. Our dispute resolution lawyers are experienced in handling high value, complex, multi-jurisdictional disputes and have the expertise in a number of industry sectors. In addition, our disputes experience means that we are well placed to provide dispute avoidance, risk management and contractual advice. This is a key issue for our clients, particularly in light of increased regulation.