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Media, Telecommunication & Technology

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Media, Telecommunication & Technology

Solace Law Chambers is known for providing timely, effective and industry-specific services to its clients as per industry recognitions by rapid regulatory and technological change. We provide full services to telecom clients, including GSM, LDI, WLL, LL operators, information technology and media including print, broadcasting companies, cable TV providers, satellite TV operators, internet service providers, publishers and advertisers on regulatory compliance and advising on drafting, contracts related to interconnection, infrastructure sharing, right of way, software licensing or procurements and sponsorship deals. We advise on establishment procedures and licensing process for new media, telecom, and IT companies, which includes to advise supplier and customers on outsourcing transaction, drafting, review, vetting, negotiation of IT contracts, like hardware, software licensing and system integration. Our team understands the minimalist, prescriptive and two tier approaches of information technology laws and is well capable to support clients in electronic commerce, buying, selling online products within preview of applicable laws. We help and advise on compliance of regulatory issues pertaining to trade and business communication through electronic means and represent clients before all forums including regulators and courts of law.Handling transactions is not only part of our service, we also advise banking and corporate clients on a range of general strategic issues such as risk management, restructuring debt portfolios and avoiding insolvency crises, regulatory compliance, valuations and ratings, bond shareholder matters and new financial instruments. Our banking practice covers the following main areas includes to Acquisition finance, Asset finance, corporate restructuring and insolvency, Debt capital markets, Derivatives, Dispute resolution, Islamic finance, Real estate finance, Securitization, Structured/trade finance and Telecoms finance.